Donald Trump Changes Tack After Futile Attempts To Raise Cash For 2024 Presidential Campaign

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Donald Trump finds himself struggling for cash after the pre-midterm introduction of his presidential campaign for 2024. Trump has remained the most productive fundraiser for the Republicans in recent times and pulled in around $9.5M over the last 6 weeks of 2022 through campaigning and joint fundraising.

Donald Trump’s decision to unveil in the footsteps of a tough midterm for the GOP, unrelenting donor fatigue, and his sustained absence from social media, especially Facebook, have all added to the money crunch, say Republican operatives.

Donald Trump understands he will need to amass lots of money and raise it quickly. He realizes that it will be a tough Republican primary drive. His campaign team was recently expanded. It hired Campaign Inbox, a firm to gather funds from small donors. His campaign managers have for long maintained that he will use the early part of 2023 to expand his presence in the primary states that go early to polls.

There Are Indications That Donald Trump Could Still Accelerate His Fundraising

But other reasons strengthen the belief that Donald Trump is capable of bolstering his cash intake. He has not launched a customary mail-fundraising apparatus, which is a tested method of gathering large amounts through multiple donations.

His early fundraising campaign was hamstrung by the ban imposed on him by Facebook. Facebook was a top platform for raising funds in his last two campaigns. But Donald Trump was banned from the social media platform after he incited and directly participated in the January 6, 2021 riots at the Capitol. But there are indications that the company may revoke the ban.

Trump also upset his chances by kick-starting his campaign after the midterms. It was bound to be a fundraising disaster for any candidate across the ideological and partisan spectrum.