Seahawks Faces Injury Scare


Seahawks have been one of the well-known sides in the NFL circuit. They have been a talented bunch of players. Each season, they show a lot of promise but fail to deliver eventually. Seattle had a familiar run this season as well. Inconsistency hindered their progress to a great extent. However, the team looked to be back in their elements recently. 

Seattle managed a big win recently. They showed impeccable grit and determination to win against the 49ers. The win boosted the confidence of the whole unit. They now started to believe in themselves and hoped for a turnaround. However, that was not to be. Misfortune does not seem to leave Seattle this season. The win against the 49ers came at a huge cost. The team lost one of their main players.

Jamal Adams has been a great scout for the Seahawks. He had been a sensation ever since he joined. He is a Pro Bowl safety and is full of promises. Unfortunately, he has suffered a terrible injury. The injury has affected his neck significantly. According to medical reports, he will be unavailable for the rest of the season.  Let us know more about the story in detail below. 

Seahawks To Miss Adams For The Season 

Tragedy has struck for the Seattle Seahawks. They just began to find their groove when the unexpected happened. The team has lost one of the mainstays due to injury. As per sources, Adams has been diagnosed with a torn labrum. He also has heavy damages to the shoulder. Adams has been struggling with his shoulder for a while. He had to undergo surgery for the same last year. 

Pete Carroll is the coach of the Seattle Seahawks. He confirmed the news recently. He also informed me that Adams will be getting surgery on Thursday.