Marijuana Proposal Introduced By Schumer

Chuck Schumer
Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer, the minority leader of the senate and a few other senators belonging to the Democratic party, took initiation on the marijuana proposal. Together, they introduced one of the draft legislation that aims at decriminalizing the use of marijuana. This is to be one of the federal laws. The 70-year-old Chuck Schumer and the concerned Democrats are making an effort to strike out marijuana from the federal list of those substances that cannot be used. The marijuana proposal was introduced on the 14th of July that fell on a Wednesday.

Marijuana Proposal To Be Circulated

The recently introduced policy with respect to marijuana is one of the most controversial subjects of all time. And it is a very bold move for the majority leader of the US Senate to take up such policies. This recent marijuana proposal is something that marks a change in the entire policy of cannabis that is still evolving. Mike Schumer stated his views on the subject at one of the new conferences that were held. He took the vow to use his clout as a very influential leader in order to make the proposal, one of the priorities on the floor of the US Senate.

As per the status of the bill, it is only a draft as of now. However, it is an important initiative that might have a great future ahead. The Senate minority leader further stated that the marijuana proposal introduced this Wednesday was a whole process. Mike Schumer also gave the indication that the said proposal might be circulated among all the lawmakers in order to fetch enough support to pass it. The Senate minority leader was accompanied by Cory Booker, the Senator based in the state of New Jersey, and Ron Wyden, another senator from the state of Oregon.