Mark Cuban Believes That “World-changing” Innovations During COVID-19 Lockdown Will Help American Economy Bounce Back

Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban

Humanity is facing an unprecedented standstill due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But as Gandalf would have said, “hope remains”. Mark Cuban believes that the people would emerge from this lockdown with incredible innovations that will help the Country’s economy to rise again.

In his interview with Fox News, Cuban revealed that he could be the next presidential candidate. He has incredible plans for helping the country pick itself up, dust itself off and get back in the saddle.


Cuban said, “I have no doubt in my mind that in five years or 10 years we’ll look back and there will be 25 or 50 companies that started out of the pandemic of 2020 that are just amazing and world-changing.”

Cuban acknowledged that when this is all over, people would still be grieving and apprehensive. From big companies to small scale businesses, all would be suffering.

But with ‘payroll protection plan’ and ‘overdraft protection program’ they could help the needy without breaking their financial spine. He suggested that instead of giving airlines the money they could prepay them for government use.