Mark Davis Of Raiders Says He Welcomes Kaepernick ‘With Open Arms’

Mark Davis

Colin Kaepernick remains on the road to a comeback to the NFL, the owner of Las Vegas Raider, Mark Davis has evinced a keen interest in the football quarterback great. One of the greatest quarterbacks was ostracized for his anti-racist stance and has remained unsigned for 6 seasons, the result of the NFL and certain owners colluding to keep him out of the league.

Kaepernick became a free agent after the new 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan refused to sign him, despite his great form in the previous season.

Mark Davis was speaking in a current episode of Race in America, on NBC sports. He revealed his acute interest in bringing the icon to the Raiders roster if his personnel expressed their desire to recruit him. The 66-year-old Mark Davis has been clear in his support for Kaepernick since he went out of favor in 2017 for his civil rights activities.

Mark Davis said that he believed in Kaepernick and strongly felt that he should have a chance to be back in the National Football League as a quarterback. He assured the host on NBC that he would stand by the player.

Davis said that if his general manager and the coaches had plans for him on the team, he would be the first to invite him with open arms.

Mark Davis Only Owner To Show Interest In Kaepernick

2016 was the last season for Kaepernick before his forced hibernation. He has stated his wish to be back in the thick of the action in videos released since March. Kaepernick said that he would have no problems in returning for a backup role and joined in a high-octane exhibition of throwing at the Michigan spring game.

At this point, Mark Davis appears to be the sole owner to demonstrate any curiosity about the player. But getting a place on the depth chart of the Raiders is another thing as the team has on its payroll big-time stars Derek Carr and Garett Gilbert and Nick Mullens as backups.