Travon Walker Is Now The No 1 Pick For NFL Draft

Travon Walker

Travon Walker, the possible No. 1 overall choice in the 2022 NFL draft, was given the Christian name Yuri at birth.

Travon Walker hadn’t played in a collegiate football game until September of last year. Georgia EDGE has made a surprising turn that was unimaginable only a few months ago. Travon Walker is currently the betting favorite to be the Jacksonville Jaguars‘ first-round pick, a position held by Michigan EDGE Aidan Hutchinson since the end of the NFL scouting combine in 2022.

The irony is that Walker’s overall performance was unquestionably a major factor in his possible top choice. It just took some time for us to come to this now a very probable prospect. 

Travon Walker Is A Surprising Choice

For a draught class that’s been painted as a snoozer from the start, there’s some good 11th-hour drama brewing here. Before then, Alabama offensive tackle Evan Neal and North Carolina State offensive tackle Ikem Ekwonu looked to alternate as front-runners for the starting job. Walker, Hutchinson, Neal, and Ekwonu figure to be Jacksonville’s final four, according to GM Trent Baalke’s recent statements.

Last week, Baalke appeared to go out of his way to promote Walker and his tremendous possibilities, while also downplaying Hutchinson’s resume. Walker didn’t seem to be dreaming when he told Yahoo Sports last week that he feels he’s still in the running for the first choice. Las Vegas now wholeheartedly agrees. Hutchinson was a -175 favorite to go first last week, while Walker was a +140 favorite. Walker now has a -175 rating, whereas Hutchinson now has a +140 rating.

Is Travon Walker deserving of a first-place finish – or even a top-five finish? Depending on whoever you ask. He’s not your typical first-round choice, which appears to tell as much about the top of the 2022 NFL draught as it does about Walker. But, according to popular belief, he may not be heading for Bustville.

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