Jim Breuer Reluctant About Providing Vaccination Proof

Jim Breuer
Jim Breuer

Jim Breuer is a renowned comedian. He has recently taken a disliking towards several locations. Breuer made it clear that he will not be performing at locations that required vaccination certificates. 

The covid pandemic has wreaked havoc on the planet. The effects of the pandemic are not over yet. Many countries are still suffering from fresh surges in covid cases. These circumstances have made it very important to get vaccinated. 

Numerous organizations have made it compulsory for their audience to produce a vaccination certificate. Failure will result in the denial of entry. This rule has been heavily opposed by Jim Breuer. Let us learn the reasons for such statements from a renowned comedian below.

Jim Breuer Against Certificate Proofs

Breuer feels it is not correct to limit the entry of audiences into the arena. According to the comedian, the certificate-proof rule is dividing the people. He feels it is an unwanted policy that creates a mental barrier between the ones who have the certificate and the ones who don’t. This type of division will result in dissatisfaction among the mass. 

The statement was recorded by the comedian at a recent live event on Facebook. Jim stated that he would not perform at venues that have made the vaccination proof compulsory. Jim has already called off his shows at New Jersey & Michigan. He commented that these norms were incorrect. Breuer also termed the regulations as a dictatorship.

Jim Breuer is very much aware of the financial consequences he will face for this decision. He stated that he was ready to take up the loss. Jim said he would fall slave to the dictating system if he agreed to rules that were shoved down him. 

He also made a case for the fans who were not yet vaccinated. Jim Breuer said that taking the vaccine is a personal choice. No one had the right to say what to do and what not to do.