MARTY SMITH, R.I.P. (1956-2020)


The motocross racer, Marty Smith and his wife Nancy, passed away yesterday in a dune buggy accident in the California desert.

The news gives a deep sorrow in the hearts of everyone who love him. The accident occurred on the southern edge of the Glamis Dunes region besides the California-Arizona border.

MARTYSMITHTEENIDOLSmith was one of the best motorcycle racers, he won 3 AMA Pro Motocross Championships in the 1970s.

He had so many fans. For them, he was the superstar of the motorcycle racing. He got famous since he was a teenager when he won 2 AMA 125cc National Motocross Championships in 1974.

Smith Treat

Then, he also won in 1977 the AMA 500cc National Championship. The previous winnings happened when he was playing for the Honda team. And in 1983, he resigned from the professional motocross.