Mask Mandates Endorsed By The Department Of Education

Eric Holcomb
Eric Holcomb

The department of education of the United States of America made contact with the governors of the states of Florida and Texas. This takes place as the battle between the officials of the state and the White House is escalating and the bone of contention happens to be the mask mandates with regard to the Delta variant of the coronavirus. A letter was sent to the two Republican heads of the states. They also contacted the school administrators of Florida. 

Mask Mandates In Florida And Texas

The content of the letter sent to Greg Abbot, the governor of Texas, and Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, was the mask mandates of the schools of the respective states. It was claimed that those mandates do not comply with the scientific strategies claimed to avoid the spread of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the country. The letter also endorsed the support of the administration of President Joe Biden with respect to the educators of the concerned states. The letter was sent by Miguel Cardona, the secretary of the department of education. 

The education secretary stated that he was immensely concerned by the executive orders issued by Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida in the month of July. As per the orders, it was stated that it was the wish of the parents to make their children follow the mask mandates. To governor Greg Abbot of Texas, Cardona warned him as well as Mike Morah, the education commissioner of the state.

The reason for this is because the Republican governor had prohibited mask mandates in the country. Currently, the order has been restrained by two judges due to which the order has not been exercised. This action from the department of education comes as the concerned states have been specified under the critical target of Biden’s administration.