Winner Of Season 9 Of Masked Singer Medusa In Response To Macaw’s Emotional Revelation, Said That They Were Kindred Spirits

Masked Singer

The Masked Singer’s latest season has now abruptly ended.

Much like it started, it ended with the ‘Masked Singer’ Medusa slithering towards victory by impressing the judges with her terrific performances. Though not the only strong vocals to rock the house, hers did. With his beautiful renditions of some mesmerizing songs, fellow competitor Macaw moved the judges to tears.

Medusa’s Win In Masked Singer Followed By The Big Revelation

Everyone was profoundly moved by the entire conclusion. Ken Jeong was moved to tears while he narrated his experience and the story of how much he meant to him. When his partner was expecting and their children were struggling for survival, he would watch David Archuleta with his on the platform American Idol. Kudos to Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger for getting it right. Jeong said to him that he loved him and that he was like a ray of sunshine for him as well as his family. The tender moment came to a close with an amazing group cuddle from the entire panel, who showered Jeong with affection.

Both Medusa and Macaw had the opportunity to discuss their emotional experiences on the program. The fact that they allowed Medusa to remain on the stage of the ‘Masked Singer’ show for Macaw’s reveal, instead of uncomfortably shoving her to another side as they have with other winners, made it an even more memorable moment.

With Medusa’s reveal, all the emotions were completely satisfied. Tonight Scherzinger was particularly strong; she was perhaps the only member of the jury to correctly identify both competitors. At last, it was discovered that Bishop Briggs was the best-selling vocalist, Medusa.