Vtnr Stock Details By Zacks Investment Research


Vtnr or Vertex Energy, one of the leading environmental services company, received ratings from Zacks Investment Research. The reports of the research that was carried out, was provided to the investors as well as the clients of the vtnr stock this Saturday. As per the reports, the company received a negative rating this time. Previously it was a “hold” but now it got the rating for “sell.”

Vtnr Explained In Detail

Zacks Investment, which is one of the leading investment research firms, gave a detailed description of the vtnr company. And it also gave a detailed account of the nature of work that is carried out by the company. It stated that Vertex is a company that carries out various services towards the environment. They include recycling the waste streams of industries and it looks into the chemical products produced commercially that fall under the “off-specification banner.”

Zacks Investment also gave an insight into the primary focus of the environment-based company. It was to recycle the motor oil that has already been used and other streams of petroleum by-products. There are three types of divisions that the company operates on. Vertex also looks after the delivery, storage and transport of the feedstock. Not only that but it also takes u the responsibility of refining a certain portion of the streams of the aggregated petroleum. They do this in order to sell them.

Apart from Zacks Investment, vtnr also received another rating from Stifel Nicolaus, an investment banking firm. The rating went from “buy” to “hold.” They also went on to set a price objective for them which was 1.50 USD. The research reports were out on the 9th of February 2021.

Vertex Energy stock shares got opened at the price of 1.44 USD this Friday. The current ratio of the company is 1.55 with a 1.37 quick ratio and 0.56 as its debt-to-equity ratio.

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