Matt Gaetz Investigations On Allegations Digs Deeper

Matt Gaetz
Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz, the Representative from the state of Florida, is getting deeper into more serious controversies. Amid the investigations into the allegations of sexual harassment and human trafficking, the politician will now be under investigation by a different institution. It is the committee of the House ethics. The political allies of the Republicans are also getting scrutinized including fellow Republicans from the same party. all of these people are under scrutiny for the broader inquiry of corruption.

Matt Gaetz And Jason Pirozzolo

The agents of the federal have started examining the associates of Matt Gaetz over recent months. They include Jason Brodeur, the state senator of Florida, Halsey Bears, the former business regulator of the state, Chris Dorworth, who had previously worked in the House of Representatives of the state, and lastly, Jason Pirozzolo, the campaign donor of Matt Gaetz who also happens to be a hand surgeon. Pirozzolo has worked in the airport authority of the Orlando board.

The response received from Republican Matt Gaetz has always been of denial. He did not accept any of the allegations made against him. The politician has retained two attorneys of New York when he was facing an investigation. It was carried out by the department of justice. The allegations were that of sex trafficking of underage girls.

The scrutiny led to the examination of a vacation that was taken by Pirozzolo and Gaetz. They had traveled to the Bahamas. There was a group of women who had accompanied them. As per reports, the agents of the federal government are investigating if those women were given money in order to forge a sexual relationship with the two men. Other trips that were taken by the duo are also getting examined by the FBI. They are looking into if the same women were involved in other trips of the men. 

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