Matt Gaetz Not Ready To Leave Congress Yet But What About His Colleagues?

Matt Gaetz
Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz, the Representative from the Republican party, gave a statement with regard to whether he would be resigning from his post or not. Currently, the representative is stuck in the middle of an investigation following the allegations made against him. The-38-year-old Republican stands accused of paying women and a minor girl in return for having sexual relationships with him.

Matt Gaetz To Soon Face Problems

However, as per the other members of his party, things are not the same. An increasing number of his colleagues are of the view that may disappoint Representative Matt Gaetz. It is said that the Representative might not be staying in Capitol Hill for as much as he wants to. One of the colleagues of the Representative gave a statement to a news channel on the status of the issue. It was stated that it is very true that Matt Gaetz will not be made to stay for a long time. This forecast is done on the basis of wishful thinking and political pragmatism.

This is not the first time that the Republican politician in question is involved in a controversy. However, this controversy is the most serious of all. It is because it involves the prostitution of minors. It has originated from the investigation of sex trafficking.

Barbara Comstock, the former Representative, called for the removal of Matt Gaetz. This was after the reports were out from the investigation of the department of justice. She took to the social media platform, Twitter, to make her claims. It was tweeted that the ardent Trump supporter, Gaetz, had no right to be a Congress member. When it comes to the other colleagues of the Representative, it is quite clear that they want to stay away from the issue.