Concrete Cowboy, The Story Of The Urban Black Cowboys

Concrete Cowboy
Concrete Cowboy

The movie, Concrete Cowboy, is made on the basis of a novel by G. Neri, Ghetto Cowboy. It falls under the genre of fiction. The book won an award in the year 2011. The story of the book is based on the life of Cole who is a teenager. 

Concrete Cowboy, A Sneak Peak

Cole in Concrete Cowboy is sown to live with his mother. He is somebody who always gets into physical violence at his school. The tired mother then takes the boy all the way to Philadelphia. He is left to be there on some doorstep. The mother does that in hopes that somebody might make the boy choose the right path someday. 

There is Cole’s father whose name is Harp. The two have not seen each other for over a decade. Harp belongs to the community of Fletcher street. He is one of the Black cowboys who are so proud to be so. Concrete Cowboy shows that there is a horse who has a place inside the house of Cole’s father. 

Harp is somebody who has spent his entire life living the cowboy way. He submits all his day to the stables and spends his nights with the other cowboys of Fletcher Street with beer. The matter of discussion of the group is how the community of white erased the entire memory of the existence of the Black cowboys from history. 

Concrete Cowboy shows that the main aim of the evening group discussion is to make sure that the country does not forget the root of cowboys. On some nights, Nessie, the fictional owner of the stables, joins them. It is Nessie who carries out the responsibility of watching over the teenagers from the locality. The responsibility is carried out by love that is strong and tough.

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