Kyle Richards Reacts To RHOBH Departure By Lisa Rinna: Says It Is A Huge Loss

Kyle Richards
Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards realizes that Lisa Rinna’s exit from Real Wives Of Beverly Hills marks the culmination of an era. Despite the good times and bad times in their relationship, such as their recent fight with Kathy Hilton, Kyle’s half-sister, she says that she will miss her co-star on the reality show.

Kyle Richards said that she would miss Rinna despite her recent spat with her half-sister. She said that she had put the two circumstances in detached boxes.

Kyle Richards got involved in the running feud between Kathy and Lisa after the latter said that Kyle was being rude to her during a trip to Aspen, Colorado, United States.

Kyle Richards Says Remaining Calm Was The Best Way To Resolve The Spat Between Lisa And Kathy

Kyle Richards says that she was asked why she did not stand up to her sister in the spat between Kathy and Lisa. She says that remaining calm was the best way to sort out a situation. Though it is the toughest thing to handle in such a situation, she adds.

Amidst the high-drama, Kyle Richards further noted that Lisa had always supported her both in her business and personal life. She says that every time she produced a movie or any other show, Lisa always stood beside her, and they enjoyed the moments together. She says that Lisa’s departure was a personal loss for her.

Lisa left the RWOBH show on January 5 after 8 seasons. A few days later Kyle shared a riotous Instagram video in which she and co-stars Teddy Mellencamp and Dorit Kemsley are seen having fun in Lisa’s bedroom. That was on January 10 when the filming for the 9th season was on in Provence in France.

Kyle Richards said that at the end of it all, she was not one for change and felt strange that Lisa had exited the show.