Maycee Barber Loses To Alexa Grasso At UFC 258

Maycee Barber
Maycee Barber

Maycee Barber was literally picked apart by Alexa Grasso at the main event of UFC 258- where Grasso was fighting just the second match in this division. Grasso showed incredible skills to win the match through a unanimous decision. Her skills so impressed the judges that they scored the fight 29-28- which allowed to tear apart Maycee Barber- one of the most talked-about fighters in the world of MMA. Alexa Grasso, on her part, has a career total of 2-0 at flyweight.

Alexa Grasso Defeats Maycee Barber In A Unanimous Decision 

After her hard-fought match with Maycee Barber, Alexa Grasso spoke about how hard she had been training for this. She told the paparazzi that she would take every single fight to show the world how good a fighter she was. The fight in itself was a gourmet- with the more experienced Maycee Barber coming in at close quarters, whereas Grasso was more into ducking, and swerving with extremely fast hands. Although Barber was definitely the more imposing fighter, Grasso had no qualms about dodging out of her takedowns- all the while laying punches whenever Barber had openings. 

After the first two rounds, Maycee Barber had enough. In a desperate bid to finish the fight, she decided to swing around. Although she managed to put in the first real damage in the fight, Barber wasn’t able to put Grass in any real trouble. Unfortunately, the match came to an end before she could pummel the much younger fighter. 

The women’s flyweight division is slowly, but surely coming up and evolving. Alexa Grasso, therefore, becomes a major asset for the company- after she has shown what she is capable of in the first couple of fights. As far as Maycee Barber is considered, she has now lost two straight matches after winning eight consecutive fights in the early part of her career. 

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