Meadow Walker Gets Married

Meadow Walker
Meadow Walker

Meadow Walker has finally tied the knot. She is the daughter of the late actor, Paul Walker. Meadow decided to get married to the love of her life, Louis Thornton Allan. The couple organized their marriage ceremony in a lavish party early in October. Walker seemed very much happy. She stated that it would have been a dream wedding if her father was alive. Meadow Walker is a model by profession. She had turned twenty-two recently. In an adorable act of affection, Vin Diesel took the responsibility of being Meadow’s guardian. Let us know more about the incident below. 

Meadow Walker Guided By Vin Diesel

Meadow Walker’s marriage would have been so much better had Paul Walker not died. The late actor would have loved to see his daughter get married. However, in the absence of Paul, Vin Diesel became Meadow’s guardian. He was spotted to accompany the bride down the wedding aisle. Diesel stated that he had a close relationship with Paul. Thus, he did not want to miss the opportunity. 

Meadow posted her wedding pictures on Instagram recently. It appeared to be a small ceremony. In one of the pictures, Vin Diesel was spotted alongside the bride. The place looked amazing with the waterfront sparkling in the setting rays of the sun. The couple exchanged their vows and were officially pronounced as couples. 

Speaking about the marriage, Meadow Walker blamed the pandemic. She mentioned having grand plans which were spoiled by covid. Family members of the groom could not turn up due to the pandemic. Meadow also frowned about missing a chunk of people who were very close. Most of the guests could not turn up due to restrictions imposed on traveling. However, both Louis & Meadow seemed content with the simple ceremony.