Melissa Joan Hart Win A Million!

Melissa Joan
Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart seems to be on cloud nine at the moment. She has just won a million dollars from a game show. Melissa is a talented actress and has made her worth felt by starring in “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch”. Melissa appeared for an episode on the popular show of ABC, “Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune”. She instantly knew something awesome had happened when she looked at the host’s eye. 

Vanna White was the host for the show. She has been hosting the famous show for quite some time now. White gave an expression mixed with ecstasy and disbelief. Let us know more about the incident below. 

Melissa Joan Hart Wins Big On ABC 

Melissa stated that she knew something had happened from Vanna’s reaction. She noticed that the host’s face turned a whitish hue. The host turned to Melissa Joan Hart and screamed in happiness. Vanna let out the secret that the star has hit one million dollars. This made Hart the very first winner of the “Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune”. 

The forty-five-year-old star was very much happy to win the prize. She stated that it felt special for her. Melissa also said that she was not good at winning games. She recalled an incident where she lost the chance to win ” Celebrity Jeopardy” in 1998. Melissa lost the match against Fred Savage back then. 

The win puts Melissa Joan Hart in an elite bracket. The show has only got three millionaire winners. The win became more special for Hart as she celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of “Sabrina”. Melissa jokingly said that it might have involved some kind of witchcraft. The actress said that she desperately wanted to win the show this time. Melissa prayed hard every round for the win. As it turns out, it seems her prayers were well answered by the Almighty.