Memphis Grizzlies Ready To Bring Their Hardest Fight For Game 5

memphis grizzlies
memphis grizzlies

The Utah Jazz’s bench is filled with prodigious veteran shooters like Jordan Clarkson, the sixth NBA player to win the leagues’ award for the Man of the Year. So, it is natural the Memphis Grizzlies have been outscored when it comes to the non-starters.

The Memphis Grizzlies Will Fight On

However, it has not been a reason for too much disappointment for the Memphis Grizzlies. Their bench has been dominated so far in the series in the first round of the playoffs. They are currently trailing the series 3-1. Today, they will be playing the fifth game in Vivint Arena.

Ja Morant, one of the stars for the Memphis Grizzlies, said that Jazz is an amazing team that takes full advantage of any mistakes. The match-up is also tough as the opponents have several great shooters.

De’Anthony Melton, a guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, added that his team does not fall far behind. His team is willing to fight. But it is to be expected that the top seed in the regular season is not stopping to push anytime soon. But, he added, that they just have to keep fighting. They have already won once against Utah, so they just have to stay in that mindset.

In the fourth game, the Grizzlies showed some positive signs in their play. Grayson Allen, who was not named, played from the bench. He produced a magnificent performance in the last quarter.

De’Anthony Melon also scored fifteen points only in the last quarter. This single-handedly sparked a comeback from the Grizzlies. Memphis was behind by thirteen points when the final quarter had started.  For Game 5, he said that he is going to keep the same mindset as much as possible – staying aggressive, confident, and changing the game.