Mercedes has “zero worries” over Racing Point case

Today’s verdict from the FIA stewards revealed that Mercedes provided Racing Point with CAD data on the brake duct designs of its W10 in 2019, which was legal at the time.

It was also revealed that the Brackley team supplied its partner outfit with a set of brake ducts on January 6 this year, after the sporting regulations specified that they were listed parts and have to be designed by teams.

However, the FIA stewards accepted that the ducts were not used and made little difference as Racing Point had already received the designs.

“We feel 100 percent comfortable with our position,” said Wolff. “We have read the rules over and over again. The verdict that came out today is extremely complicated, and comes up with an interpretation that is new to all of us.

“We have provided certain data in 2019, which was totally within the rules. The January 6 [delivery of ducts] has no material effect on any of the action, because the whole thing was delivered much earlier.

“And all the CAD drawings and designs were delivered much earlier. And Racing Point and ourselves are still of the opinion that it’s within the regulations.”

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