Seth Curry Explains What Ben Simmons Can Offer In The Nets

Seth Curry
Seth Curry

The Brooklyn Nets won a match against the Philadelphia 76ers this Thursday which took place in the Centre of Wells Fargo. The performance of the Nets was fantastic as they had a score of 129-100. They won the match with a lead of 36 and created a statement. 

Seth Curry Opined That Simmons Is The Missing Piece

The whole team faced a rough time as the crowd was not at all supportive and constantly demotivated Ben Simmons and the whole team in South Philadelphia. However, the night ended in the favor of the Nets and they silenced the whole audience with their great performance. 

Seth Curry scored 24 points for his team all alone and he played alongside Ben Simmons. Thus, as Ben Simmons is ready for his big debut in the Nets, Seth Curry discusses all the positive things that he can offer to the Nets. 

In the views of Seth Curry, Ben brought a unique element that most of the players cannot offer in the league. Ben has a height of 6 foot 10 inches and he is very good in his defense strategies. Seth Curry also added that Simmons is an excellent passer and people can rely on each of his passes. Thus, he is a player with extreme talent and is a gem for the team right now. 

There are several people that agreed with Seth Curry that in spite of all his flaws, Simmons is giving everything that his team wants from him right now. His defending talent along with his admirable playmaker skills is making the life of Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and Seth Curry very easy. 

Seth Curry also stated that Simons has boosted up then defense and offense and some time will be needed for the other players to get familiar with his playing techniques. Simmons also has made 45.2% deep shooting which is removing some pressure off the shoulders of other players. 

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