Mick Jagger Salutes Rolling Stone

Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger has decided to pay a tribute to Rolling Stone. Rolling Stone was the most famous music band of all time. They were known for their versatile and unique flair for music. The band was a huge hit among the teenagers. It also has a lasting impact on the relatively older generation as well. The appeal of the iconic band is unmatched today. Jagger decided to pay a tribute to their friend Charlie Watts. Mick Jagger along with Keith Richards mourned the death of their dearest friend. Both of them seemed visually broken by the demise of their mate. Let us learn more about the incident below. 

Mick Jagger & Richards Mourns Charlie Watts

Both Jagger & Richards were bandmates with Charlie. Together they created some of the most popular scores by the band. The singer posted pictures of Watts on social media. The snaps on Twitter & Instagram contained pictures of Watts. The picture also saw Watts sitting beside his drum kit. Keith Richards posted on Instagram as well. He uploaded several pictures of drums with the caption “CLOSED” on them. 

Charlie Watts was a decorated drummer. He is considered one of the greatest drummers in the modern music era. He had a splendid time working for Rolling Stone. Watts breathed his last this Tuesday. He was 80 years of age a the time of his demise in London. Watts had been battling health issues for a long time. He was diagnosed with a cancerous throat in 2004. Earlier this month, he canceled the US tour of the band. 

Mick Jagger was joined by Watts in the year 1963. Jagger was already an existing member of the band. Jagger did not choose to give a caption along with his tribute photo. Watts had a huge contribution in making the band attain worldwide fame. Rolling Stone was compared to the Beatles for their quality of music.