US Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Execution Threat Was A Joke Says GOP Candidate

Merrick Garland
Merrick Garland

The US Attorney General, Merrick Garland, the Justice Department, and FBI officials have been the target of multiple death threats ever since agents raided Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Florida home, in search of incriminating documents. Now a Republican congressional candidate from west New York has called for the execution of Merrick Garland for authorizing the search of disgraced former president Trump’s home.

Under pressure, the GOP candidate, Carl Paladino, has claimed that his threat to execute Merrick Garland was not serious. The businessman from Buffalo issued the threat during an interview on August 13. He was critical of President Biden, who he claimed was a dearth of control and total detachment from the government.

Speaking of Merrick Garland, Paladino said that the AG should not only be impeached, he should also be executed. He referred to him as an unelected person running the government.

He further said that Merrick Garland was a lost soul trying for an image that was terrible along with his methodology. He said that people have been left wondering that something must be wrong with the guy to raid the home of the former president.

When pressed about how he expects Garland to be executed, the Republican politician said that he was only being facetious and the AG should just be removed immediately from office. He repeated that his choice of methodology and issues was wrong.

Justice Department Yet To Respond To Death Threats By GOP Candidate Against Merrick Garland

Paladino made his millions in the real estate business and was the 2010 GOP candidate for the New York governor. He is facing a tough fight in the primaries with Nick Langworthy, the state committee chairman for the Republican Party for New York. He has the endorsement of Representative Elise Stefanik for the elections, which falls on August 23.

The Justice Department has not responded to Paladino’s threat to execute Merrick Garland. Such threats are generally investigated by the FBI, especially threats against the AG.

Paladino’s campaign team responded with the stock reply that the comments were made in a lighter vein.

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