Mexico Elections To Cause Lopez To Lose Power?

Mexico Elections
Mexico Elections

The Mexico elections that took place on the 6th of June proved to be bad news for the country’s ruling power. Up until now, the ruling position was held by a coalition group. However, they did not secure enough support in the Mexican Congress’ lower house. The figures from the elections were released by the country’s government. 

Mexico Elections Updates

What it means for the country following the Mexico Elections is that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the President, will not pass a bunch of major constitutional and legislative reforms. The President will have to have help from the opposition parties to do so. But this does not mean that the ruling coalition will be ousted. They will still be present as there are expectations that they might retain “a simple majority.” 

Morena, the political party of Lopez Obrador that is left-leaning, managed to secure about 35% of the votes in the Mexico elections. The National Electoral Institute of Mexico has provided some preliminary figures concerning the elections. As per the figures, Partido Verde, the governing partner of the Morena political party is under the expectation of securing somewhere between 265 to 292 votes in the lower house.

The total number of seats is 500. The INE also provided the figures for the Morena party. It is expected that they will earn somewhere between 190 to 203 seats at the Mexico elections. The expected number is less by 50 as compared to the number they held before the elections. the final election results will be out in the coming week.     

The election has been viewed as the approval of the existence of President Lopez Obrador. He got elected in the year 2018. Throughout the country, he is well known for his strategy that he campaigned that said “hugs, not bullets.”