SNAP Stock To Be Sold By The General Counsel


Michael J. O’ Sullivan, the general counsel of the company, Snap Inc., or SNAP, sold the stock shares. The transaction took place on the 31st of March that was a Wednesday. the average price that was involved in the shares that got sold was 52.11 USD. The total amount of the transaction was 312,660.00 USD. 

After having sold the shares on the transaction, the total shares from the stock owned by the general counsel of SNAP are 1,110,915. The total value of the owned shares is 57,889,780.65 USD at an approx. the details of the sale were given out in a file that was documented.

SNAP Stock Details

The shares of the stock of SNAP hit the amount of 54.49 USD that was traded up to the amount of 2.20 USD. The trading took place this Friday. The total shares that got exchanged were 16,155,755. This took place as compared to the stock’s average volume that was 22,405,271. 

The total equity ratio of the debt-to-debt is 0.75. The current ratio is 5.43 and the same is the quick ratio. The simple moving average of the business for 50-day is 59.99 USD. And that of the 200-day is 47.40 USD.  The 52-week low of the company is 10.85 USD. The 52-week high of the company is 73.59 USD. The amount of the market capitalization of the company’s stock is 82.19 billion USD. The ratio of the price-to-earnings is -72.65. And the beta of the same is 1.29.

The results of the earnings of SNAP were issued on the 4th of February that fell on a Thursday. The net margin of the company was negative which was 49.74%. There was also a negative return when it came to the company’s equity which was 48.53%.