Michael Gilday Has Stressed On Combating Racism

Michael Gilday
Michael Gilday

The highest-ranking officer of the US Navy, Michael Gilday, has reacted quite strongly against the accusations of the Republicans. The two Republican Congressman had accused the US military of being woke and weak in a Tuesday hearing.

The Chief of Naval Operations, Gilday commented that true recognition comes from understanding ourselves. And the only realization that needs to come out, is that Americans, ideally, value diversity. 

Michael Gilday is All For Combatting Racism in The Navy

The comments came after Michael Gilday decided to recommend Ibram X. Kendi’s controversial book “How to be an Antiracist”- which was questioned by Republican Congressman Jim Banks and Doug Lamborn. The questioning came after the Chief recommended this book for Navy Sailors- which Gilday believes would be able to combat multiple misinformation tactics used by China and Russia.

Although he himself doesn’t believe everything the book mentions, he still believes that the basis of realizing one’s true identity comes from respecting others’ identity. 

 Michael Gilday isn’t the only one in the courtroom though. Several GOP voices have raised issues about the efforts of the Defense Department to promote combat extremism and diversity in the armed forces. Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin also took a similar stance where he stressed on the importance of highlighting inclusion and diversity. Incidentally, he came under a similar attack by several Republican Senators. 

Jim Banks, one of the Republicans who voiced his concerns regarding the reading list, believes that the author Kendi is himself an extremist. He expressed concerns that US Navy sailors reading this book might find their morale affected adversely.

To this, Michael Gilday responded that the issue wasn’t just limited to the book written by Kendi. Rather, the Republicans were trying to paint their own picture of the US Military- which showed them as being weak. And the Chief further reiterated- the military was not weak.