Pennsylvania Voting Rights: Extreme Election Overhaul Bill Irks Governor

Pennsylvania Voting Rights
Pennsylvania Voting Rights

Lawmakers in Pennsylvania are going for their version of far-reaching election security bills but have run into strong opposition from Governor Tom Wolf.  Gov. Wolf had commended Pennsylvania voting rights for its secure, free and fair elections back in November.

This legislation has led to considerable disagreement in other states too.

There was a huge turnout and people had gone for mail-in voting. The results had been endorsed by 2 comprehensive statewide audits.

Pennsylvania Voting Rights: Proposal To Include Voter IDs And Mail Voting Rollback

The bill is being pushed through by the same set of legislators who had sought to undermine the election process and the results during the November elections. But with Gov. Wolf making his intentions clear that he would oppose it, the bill is set for a rocky passage of progress.

The House Bill would make voters display their ID cards at polls. The mail voting list would also be eliminated. These lists are sent to voters ahead of elections. Pennsylvanians would also have to register 30 days before elections instead of the present 15.

The 150-page Voting Rights Protection Act includes several changes related to signature verification, IDs, mail-ballot procedures, drop boxes, and deadlines. New early voting rules have also been included.

The bill was sponsored by Republican Seth Grove. He had objected to the results in November. Joe Biden won by more than 80,000 votes in the state. Rep. Grove believes that the GOP Election Reform Bill will fix all fatal flaws and election security issues.

Ever since the House Republicans have hosted a hearing alleging election fraud though the investigation has proved the contrary.

The bill was championed by Republican House Speaker Bryan Cutler. He had called up Donald Trump during the last election urging him to ‘fix’ issues in the state elections like the Pennsylvania voting rights. He said that the Bill would restore people’s faith in the election process.

Donald Trump’s defeat and subsequent allegations had inspired other Republicans to attempt to bring restrictive practices in the election process. 22 bills were enacted for interfering in the election process.

Many Pennsylvanians had voted by mail and the new laws would make it tough to vote by mail or vote absentee. If pushed through the bill would severely interfere in Pennsylvania voting rights, though it seems unlikely at present.

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