Jasmine Tookes Shares Insights On New Jewelry Range

Jasmine Tookes
Jasmine Tookes

Jasmine Tookes seemed a happy woman. She has shared insights on the latest launch of Logan Hollowell’s jewelry collection. The upcoming range was a collection of some finest engagement rings. This was the first time the brand came up with something like this. The rings are have been revealed and already on sale. Interested people can buy them at loganhollowell.com

Jasmine Tookes Expects A Positive Response From New Launch 

The supermodel is not yet married. But that has not stopped her from being the lead promoter of wedding rings. She is expected to tie the knot with Juan David Borrero. 

Hollowell’,s newest collection is special in many ways. The rings are made from pure diamonds and gold that were recycled. All the rings were 100% customizable providing flexibility of choice. 

Hollowell explained the new launch recently. He stated that the rings were designed to make the wearer feel special. He felt that each individual in the world deserved to be happy. Each one was special. Jasmine wanted to portray emotion and love through her ring designs. This would add a personalized flair to make the wedding even more special. Hollowell also revealed that she has been looking forward to this for a long time. 

Jasmine Tookes called these rings an expression of eternal love.  She emphasized particularly the care and effort put in to design each ring. Jasmine posed for the launch of the collection in a bridal dress. The picture portrays the supermodel in a stunning off-white bride dress. Covering her face was a veil. She also posed nude in some of the snaps. 

Jasmine Tookes is 30year old. Hollowell described her as the goddess. He was all praise for Jasmine calling her feminity as divine. Tookes was chosen as the frontrunner to promote the collection. Hollowell felt this was the best choice he could have made.

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