Michelle Obama And Barack Share Tributes For Their 29th Wedding Anniversary

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama are 29 years strong.

Michelle Obama shared a touching image, of the former President on Sunday to mark the 29th anniversary of their union.

She captioned the picture with the words, how it started and how it is going. She wished a happy anniversary to Barack and added that she loved her.

The post showed a throwback of the famous couple sitting on a couch on top of a recent picture of the same couple where they were enjoying some good time on a couch.

Michelle Obama Shares A Touching Tribute To Her Husband

Barack replied to her wife’s post with a post of his own on Instagram, on Sunday. He wished her a happy anniversary and loved to watch the world getting to know her. She was known for her motherly love as well as her other traits. He added that he could not imagine a life without Michelle Obama.

The 28th wedding anniversary saw them encourage people to vote in the 2020 elections, which was between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Michelle Obama requested people on her post, to pick one person in their lives and to make them vote in the elections. Barack shared a similar post where he urged people to do the same and reach to several people to make them cast their votes.

Michelle Obama and Barack did not have role models during their hard times as their parents never talked about their own marriage. They were unprepared for the rough patches as they had to devote their energies to other important things.

Michelle Obama has stated that after 29 years their love foundation is quite solid and she is happy to say that she can look up from all the hard times and still see a friend in Barack.

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