Michelle Wie Has Responded To Giuliani’s Crass Story About Her

Michelle Wie
Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie has tweeted back her response to Rudy Giuliani commenting about her attire at a charity fundraiser all the back in 2014. The comments came at a War Room podcast of Steve Bannon, which saw Rudy Giuliani talking about certain incidents that took place between Giuliani and Rush Limbaugh. This was a form of remembrance on the eve of the rightwing talk show host’s death. The controversy arose when Giuliani started talking derogatorily about the famous golfer. 

Michelle Wie Hits Back At Sexist Remark

According to Giuliani, Limbaugh had been previously complaining about the amount of media that had flocked the foursome when they were out golfing. In fact, he blamed the former mayor of New York City to be the reason for this. The matter probably would have ended there, had Giuliani not mentioned that the media was there for Michelle Wie. Talking about the incident, Giuliani stated that Michelle Wie had just gotten ready to take the shot. 

Till then, he was in safe territory. But then began his commentary on how beautiful the professional golfer was, and how her putting stance was extremely strange. He commented how she bent all the way which displayed her undergarments. And this, he declared, was the reason why the media was there. After he made the statement, Giuliani asked if it was appropriate to voice it out loud. To which Bannon replied that he had already said it- so there was nothing that could be done about it anymore. 

As is normal, the former US Open champion Michelle Wie found this response extremely inappropriate and tweeted about it. She claimed that she was to be noticed for her proficiency in the sport- and not because of her attire. Also, she mentioned how Nike used to specifically build shorts underneath skirts so that such attention wouldn’t be paid to them. Rather, they would be commended for their skill. 

The US Golf Association supported her stance and tweeted that there was no avenue for sexism in this sport. Goes without saying, Michelle Wie has many in her corner who feel offended by Giuliani’s insensitive and sexist remark.