Angels Coach Mickey Callaway Is Accused Of Abusing Women

Mickey Callaway
Mickey Callaway

Mickey Callaway, the pitching coach of Los Angeles Angels, has been accused of abusing multiple women. Reportedly, the coach and former manager of the New York Mets made a lewd approach towards women especially those who are from a sports media background. The women accused Callaway of making obscene remarks towards them and sending improper photos to three of the women. It is claimed that he pursued them aggressively for almost five years while working in three various teams in that span of time. 

Allegations Against Mickey Callaway:

According to the women, Callaway not only approached them aggressively but also used to send photos that were inappropriate and obscene. He used to send several messages to the women by social media, email, and texts and ask for their undressed photos. 

Five women who made the allegations against the Angels coach also added that many of them received inappropriate undressed photos of Callaway which were sexually explicit. Two women claimed to have been given warnings on Mickey Callaway’s unacceptable behavior by many people related to baseball and social media members.

Mickey Callaway became the coach for the Mets from 2018 to 2019. Before that, he was the pitching coach for the Cleveland Indians. He was expelled by New York Mets and then joined the Angels as pitching coach in the last year.

Callaway, who denied the allegations, told the media that he is finding the right opportunity to give his responses about the matter. He said that being a married man he has never shown disrespect to any woman.

Regarding the matter, Alderson, the ex-general manager of the Mets, remarked that he did not know about the alleged conduct when the Mets had hired Callaway. He added that the hiring process by the team is being reviewed recently.

Marie Garvey, the Angels’ spokesperson, promised to take the allegations seriously and conduct investigations with the assistance of MLB.