Microsoft Says Censoring ‘Tank Man’ On Bing Was Human Error!

Tank Man
Tank Man

The search engine called Bing which searched for the “Tank Man” gave zero image results across the US on Friday. In 2019, this search engine came back to China. The same results were produced by Vice in the US. Multiple users searching this engine from several countries experience the same problem while searching for “Tank Man”. 

It Seems More Bizarre That The “Tank Man” Censorship Happened On 4th June!

However, it is strange when users search “Tank Man” or the phrase with Tiananmen Square and Bing comes back with normal results! The images were not appearing. This seemed very mysterious! Microsoft was contacted by the Verge asking for explanations regarding this bizarre turn of events regarding “Tank Man”. Microsoft replied that the error was a human one and they are working actively to resolve the issue! The issue regarding the “Tank Man” seems more bizarre given that this incident occurred on 4th June 2021. This is the 32nd anniversary of the incident which took place in Tiananmen Square. 

This was a time when protests were happening across China led primarily by students. The uprising was however unfortunately met with assaults from tanks, rifles, and an unfortunate massacre. However, Microsoft was quick with resolving this issue regarding “Tank Man” searches on Bing. But, the image which was the most popular one in connection with the human rights abuse which happened in Tiananmen Square is still missing.

If you put “Tiananmen Square” or “Tiananmen” the normal images appear on the search engine! It remains unclear why Bing decided to shoe more normal images regarding tanks and show fewer images of a famous visual history! The presence of Microsoft Bing in China seems somewhat complicated. In 2019, the engine disappeared totally from the country for a whole day!