Middle East Politics Taints Kentucky Derby: Call To Disbar Sheikh Mohammed’s Horse

kentucky derby

There have been calls for the ban from the participation of Essential Quality, one of race favorites from the Kentucky Derby. It belongs to Sheik Mohammed Al-Maktoum, the Prime Minister and President of the UAE. He is among the leading racehorse owners in the world but stands accused of abducting his daughters.

But his daughter, Princess Latifa continues to be a hostage after a failed attempt to flee the country in 2018. Secret videos have revealed that she was drugged and flown into detention. There have been fears for her life.

Kentucky Derby Organizers Confirm Receiving Complaint

The KHRA, the organizers of the Kentucky Derby have confirmed receiving a joint complaint from students, human rights groups, and others demanding that he be debarred from the prestigious event. They want proof of his daughter’s well-being before they agree to his participation.

The Kentucky Derby organizers have said that the complaint has not articulated any violation of their regulations.

The petitioners have argued that his participation went against the code of the race commission as it would permit a person whose undesirable conduct has cast a shadow on the integrity and honesty of the event.

Sheik Mohammed’s camp or his stables, Godolphin has not responded till reports came in.

The High Court of the UK in London has established that the sheik organized the abduction of two of his daughters and took them back to his country under duress.

The sheik has termed the judgment one-sided. The court has also accused the sheik of a sustained campaign of intimidation and fear against the former queen.

A petitioner to the Kentucky Derby has said that it should ban the Sheik, his horse, Essential Quality, and all his associates from all events connected to the Derby.

Even Amnesty International and Humans Rights Watch have supported the campaign to free Princess Latifa.