Miguel Cardona Is The New Leader Of The US Dept. Of Education

Miguel Cardona
Miguel Cardona

Miguel Cardona is to be appointed as the new leader of the Department of Education of the United States of America. His win was confirmed by the Senate this Monday. The total number of votes was 64 to 33. The official name of his post is the Secretary of the Education Department.

Miguel Cardona Has Always Been As Educator

Miguel Cardona was the commissioner of education of the state of Connecticut. He remained so for over a year. And then he got nominated by the acting president of America, Joe Biden.

During his term in Connecticut, the 45-year-old Cardona had presented an unconventional demand. He steadily fought for the continuation of schools to take place in the state. This was during the time of lockdown induced by the coronavirus.

The reason why Miguel Cardona placed such demands was due to the issue of the equity gap. He rejected the idea of widening the gap. Prior to being the Connecticut education commissioner, he was involved in public schools. It is this system of public school that contributed to his rise. He kicked off as a teacher of the fourth-grade followed by a principle and then an assistant superintendent. All this transition took place in Meridian, an ancient factory town in the state of Connecticut.

As per the assumptions of Miguel Cardona as the secretary of the Education Department, reopening schools in the possibly the safest manner is the need of the day. There is a contradiction in the air of the country with regard to the issue of schools. It is between the opinions of parents and the teaching staff.

The parents are pressuring for their children to be able to return to their classrooms as soon as possible. However, the teachers are not agreeing with this idea. They only want to resume offline classes once they are completely vaccinated. Now, this is the dilemma that Miguel Cardon has to solve as the new secretary.