Ron DeSantis Criticized By The State Agricultural Commissioner Concerning Vaccine Distribution

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

The agricultural commissioner of Florida, Nikki Fried, took an action challenging the work ethic of the state’s Governor, Ron DeSantis. The incident took place this Monday. She accused the governor of carrying out the system of favouritism in politics. He is said to have done so concerning the distribution of the coronavirus vaccines.

Fried, the agriculture commissioner from the Democratic party, asked Congress to interfere in the matter. She claimed that there were a few sites of vaccination that were organized in those communities that were associated with Governor Ron DeSantis. Those were the communities that were especially involved in donation during the political campaign of the governor of Florida.

Ron DeSantis To Be Investigated?

The 43-year-old Fried wrote a letter that involved the US Congress. She wrote it to two people. They include James Clyburn, the Representative from the Democratic party. He is also the House Select Sub Committee’s Chairman on the crisis of the coronavirus. The other person to receive the letter is Steve Scalise, another Representative.

The content of the letter was concerning the intervention of Congress in investigating the case. It is to be noted that the Democratic Agricultural commissioner is one of the regular critics of Governor Ron DeSantis.

In the letter, Fried also mentioned that several complaints had been registered in her office. The complaints were regarding the vaccine distribution. The citizens were not happy about the favouritism that was going on. All this information was obtained from sources.

Democratic Nikki Fried did not hold herself back in accusing Governor Ron DeSantis of failing to carry out his responsibilities in a proper manner. Not only that but she also criticized him for corruption. She stated that the Governor of Florida lacked political ethic.

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