Mike Pence’s Discomfort Could Be Exploited By Donald Trump

Mike Pence
Mike Pence

Former Vice President Mike Pence is clearly interested in replacing Joe Biden. However, for the time being, the probable Republican nominee for 2024 might have helped the president. Additionally, he may have rendered one final favor to his former employer, Donald Trump.

The controversy surrounding Biden’s attempts to justify his ownership of such material from his own vice presidency was eased by the discovery of classified documents in Pence’s Indiana residence, which was first reported by CNN on Tuesday. Pence became the most well-liked person in the White House on that day. One difference was that the secret document narrative now had a new leader. This caused Pence a great deal of humiliation because it made him the target of ridicule and charges of hypocrisy when he defended Biden’s actions. 

Mike Pence Has Animosity Towards Biden- Which Trump Would Love To Exploit

Biden’s aides leaped at the chance to draw a more innocuous comparison between the behavior of the president and Mike Pence than the more damaging one that’s been suggested for days between Biden and Trump, who appears to be in far greater trouble over his classified documents storm.

And the similarity appears reasonable at first glance. Even while the White House’s handling of the situation has been slow and occasionally confusing to the public, neither Pence nor Biden appeared to hinder investigations once small batches of documents were found at their houses. When the substance was discovered, both gave it back. Each may claim that the material was accidentally transferred to their residences. 

One person said the Mike Pence situation was a solid example of another former vice president handling problems that came up during a transition out of office, according to CNN Chief White House Correspondent Phil Mattingly. The insider also mentioned that Pence had previously stated, like Biden, that he was unaware of having any secret documents.