The Justice Department Is Signaling That They Are Planning To Ask The Supreme Court TO Reinstate The Student Debt Relief Program By President

Justice Department
Justice Department

In a court document on Thursday, the Justice Department stated its intention to urge the Federal Judiciary to revive the Biden government’s announcement of relieving student loan program.

The Justice Department have said that the federal government will file their application in the supreme court of America to make sure they can make an injuction against the action that entered by the circular number 8 this running week.

The 8th circular US Circuit Court of Appeal banned the program on Monday additional to that ruling from the district judge. In a recent filing, the Justice Department hinted that it would take both instances to the Supreme Court on appeal.

Spokeperson for the White House, Mr. Abdullah Hasan in his statement have said that Joe Biden, the president will not stop his rebel to ensure relief for the middle and the working class of America.

Joe Biden’s Student Loan Relief Program Has Been Taken To Supreme Court By The Justice Department:

Ever since program’s announcement in Aug, the Biden government has encountered a number of legal hurdles, and a law suit must be resolved before any government student debt may be erased as part of the initiative.

According to the project’s guidelines, qualified low- and middle-income students can erase up to $20k in federal loans and approximately $10k in federal loan remission if they also earned Pell grants while attending college.

Although the legal path forward is uncertain, it can take several months to find a solution. This pan when announced by the president has brought happiness in a lot of faces be it the middle or working –class American parents or the students. However, now it seems to disappear for undetermined time until the Supreme Court finds a solution to the conflict between Justice Department and federal government.

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