Filibuster Showdown For US Senate Impending

Filibuster Rules
Filibuster Rules

Although the Democrats are presently in control of both the Congressional chambers, they are not able to pass any bill of voting rights. This is mainly because of the reason that they do not possess enough votes in order to remove the filibuster.

When Joe Biden initially took over the office, he has numerous pressing issues during the first hundred days. However, the Democrats now do not have enough time to address the escalating attack upon the voting rights of Americans.

An Escalating Issue Of Filibuster

The Republicans have now pushed over 360 bills in order to prevent access to ballot all over the nation. On the other hand, the Democrats along with President Biden have strongly opposed and condemned this effort. However, they cannot stop them.

Although Democrats have power over both the Congressional chambers, they are not able to sweep the bill of voting rights. They need 60 votes in order to progress the legislation during the ultimate filibuster showdown during the forthcoming 100 days.

Amanda Litman, Run for Something executive director, stated that few Democrats are still unable to appreciate the consequences and dangers of the ongoing efforts from the GOP. She further added the urgency to terminate the filibuster and advance reforms for voting rights.

Chuck Schumer, Senate Democratic leader, set the August deadline last week allowing Democrats to pass the bill. This will ensure early voting along with registration that will be automatic and on the same day.

Amy Klobuchar has stated that Democrats cannot fail in preventing this filibuster and must take all measures for it. In case they fail to protect the voting rights, it will be a bad message to the people.