Kanye West Has Christened Himself Ye

Kanye West
Kanye West

A judge in Los Angeles has officially approved the request from Kanye West to formally change his name to Ye– from Kanye Omari West. Interestingly, his name would just be ‘Ye’- with no middle or surname. This news was confirmed by the Superior Court of Los Angeles. Judge Michelle Wiliams stated that since there were no objections to the request, the petition for a change in his name was granted.

The rapper of several platinum records had originally filed the petition to change his name back in August- with the reason being personal. The accounts of the rapper, both on Instagram and Twitter, show his name as Ye- although his official handle remains the same.

Kanye West Would Go By The Name Ye Now 

Kanye West’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian West, and their four children all share his surname. Kardashian West, who recently filed for divorce from the rapper, hasn’t yet changed her last name to Kardashian. According to sources, Ye is basically an abbreviation of his first name KanYE. It has also been one of the most longstanding nicknames the rapper ever had, as it featured in a few songs of his- like Clique.

Back in 2018, the music producer, singer, and clothing entrepreneur stated on Twitter that he didn’t want to be known as Kanye West anymore- he simply was YE hereafter. Some might have referred to Ye as being West’s alter ego, but West did end up explaining that Kanye without any ego was just YE. The new name also seems to have some religious symbolism to the famous rapper, as West had previously titled his eighth studio album as Ye- which was released in 2018. 

In an interview with Big Boy, back in June 2018, Kanye West mentioned that ‘ye’ was the most common word in the Holy Bible- and it meant you. He further continued that from Kanye, he wanted to be Ye. From being the only one, he wanted to be the reflection of everything that made one human- a reflection of who we were.