Mitch McConnell Endorses Herschel Walker: Senate Hopeful From Georgia Gets Support From Top Republican

Herschel Walker
Herschel Walker

Minority Senate leader McConnell has placed his bets on Herschel Walker, the Republican Georgia Senate was hopeful. It is a great victory because the retired football star has received the endorsement of a top national Republican leader.

With this endorsement, Herschel Walker at present has the support of 3 Senate Republican members. McConnell has said that he believes that Herschel Walker was the only state leader who could bring the party together and oust Senator Raphael Warnock and bring back the seat to the Republicans. He said he looked forward to seeing more of  Herschel Walker in Washington.

Even Donald Trump had earlier endorsed Herschel Walker. They are friends, with Trump encouraging Walker to run for the post.

But McConnell and Trump don’t get along well. The former had refused to support Trump during his campaign to declare the 2020 election void.

Herschel Walker Has Managed The Backing Of Both Republican Camps

Herschel Walker has also got the support of Senator Thune, who had branded as ‘madness’ Trump’s call to declare the elections stolen. Senator Josh Hawley has also backed Herschel Walker. Senator Hawley had gone against certifying the poll results in Pennsylvania and Arizona after the insurrection on January 6.

Republican strategist Stephen Lawson said that getting the support of both pro and anti-Trump camps was a big step forward. The former campaign aide for Senator Kelly Loeffler said that it proves that Walker has proved himself to be a bridge-builder within the party in the state.

Lawson said that it was apparent that Walker was running an election campaign that had risen above many preconceived notions and norms. He has proved that the party can achieve more than it has done in the state. He termed it a potent formula.

Gary Black, the Agricultural Commissioner and Walker’s opponent, called himself Georgia’s candidate, not the swamp’s.

Whoever wins will be against one of the most formidable opponents in Raphael Warnock, the Democratic incumbent at the Senate. 

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