Tony Ornato, US Secret Service Assistant Director Retires From His Agency

Tony Ornato

Tony Ornato, who worked as the secret service assistant director and the head of its training division departed from his agency on Monday after working for roughly 25 years.  Tony Ornato additionally made the unpredictable transfer of becoming a member of White House workers as the deputy chief of workers in December 2019 on a short-lived project and finally returned to the Secret Service to run its training program.

Ornato became a key figure in the House January 6 committee’s investigation when former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson testified at a public hearing that Ornato described Trump’s lunging at the driver and insisting they go to the Capitol, where his supporters were gathering. Hutchinson’s account has been disputed by some people familiar with the matter.

Tony Ornato Leaves His Agency Amidst The Question Of Former President Donald Trump’s Behaviour On January 6

According to Rep. Zoe Lofgren, a California Democrat who serves on the panel, committee members have wanted to talk with Tony Ornato and he has retained non-public counsel. It’s not clear whether or not Ornato will testify associated with the claims from Cassidy Hutchinson.

Mr. Ornato has only met the counsel twice- in January and March as part of the investigation.  Among the different topics discussed with the committee according to the source, there were concerns about Trump’s knowledge about the whereabouts of then Vice President Mike Pence during the attack and also Trump’s influence on calming down the rioters and leaving the building.

Tony Ornato’s answer to the questions has not yet been revealed by the committee, causing frustration among the member of the panel. They also suggested that  Ornato lacks credibility.

Mr. Tony Ornato was eligible for retirement for over a year. He also stated that he left the agency to work for the private sector. He told CNN that he has not taken any role with the former President, but has declined to name his current employer.