Liz Cheney Says Donald Trump Unfit For Holding Any Future Office!

Liz Cheney
Liz Cheney

Republican Rep. Liz Cheney declared that Donald Trump, former President, is unfit and cannot hold any sort of future office. Liz Cheney is the House committee’s vice chair and is playing a huge part in investigating the violent attack of 6th January on Capitol Hill

Liz Cheney Claims To Have Evidence Against Donald Trump

Cheney also said that after hearing all the testimonies and seeing this massacre unfold while ignoring all pleas to plan an intervention, Donald Trump cannot be seen as a person apt for holding any sort of future office. On Sunday, in his interview with the popular media house “This Week”, which is hosted by George Stephanopoulos, Liz Cheney said that the committee of 6th January has a testimony of the first hand against Donald Trump.

Cheney also said that Trump was seen watching the violent attack on his television inside the Oval Office’s dining room. He was also seen ignoring all pleas from his family members and family, including Ivanka Trump, his daughter. 

Everyone wanted to prevent the rioters from planning this attack, except Donald Trump, former US President. Liz Cheney, Rep-Wyo. Said that any man watching his TV witnessing his supporters breaching Capitol Hill shouldn’t come near the Office again. These remarks from Cheney come on the dreadful anniversary of this violent attack by Trump’s supporters on Capitol Hill. This was a planned effort that Trump planned to prevent Joe Biden from holding office.

Around a hundred and forty law enforcement officers faced injuries while stopping this attack. Out of them, four cops died by committing suicide in the following weeks. The assault left all the staffers and lawmakers completely traumatized. That is why Liz Cheney declared that Trump cannot in good conscience be allowed to hold any sort of future office in the United States of America.

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