Mobile Technology that Shall Inundate 2021 


It is the beginning of another year, and most of us have our eyes on the hoard of new Mobile technologies that shall take over the world. Technology makes our life comfortable, and that part has been long established. Some say that it has even affected our lives adversely. However, all things said and done, one cannot refute that without technology, we would still be consumed by the darkness of ignorance and not be able to progress in leaps and bounds. That said, in the article that we have today, we shall concentrate on the different mobile technologies that shall inundate 2021.  

Mobiles are how most of us go about work. They save our time and ensure that we are able to deliver our work on time. That is why it is incredibly important to keep an eye out for the developments that take place in the domain of mobile technology and see how we could incorporate the same in our usage of mobile phones. We shall now take a look at these waves of technological innovations that are expected to take place in this space and enlighten ourselves. 

Android Instant Apps Shall Remain in Vogue: 

Most of us have often found ourselves in two minds when it came to deciding between Android and iOS. While some people swear by the software and status symbol associated with Mac, most mobile owners swear by Androids and for good enough reasons. Mobile users have become smarter as they invest more time in researching about  notepad++ mac, and various other things like this to enhance their user experience. 


Android app developers or anyone who has used Android phones must have heard about Android Instant Apps. These apps do not require installation and can run instantly, staying true to their name. Users can test the app without having to download it, and this is what makes them revolutionary. Experts and speculators suggest that 2021 looks like a year when Android Instant Apps shall still be on the rise. 

There Shall Be More Advances in Mobile Artificial Intelligence: 


The world has already been introduced to the several innovations of Artificial Intelligence like Siri, Cortana and Alexa. However, it is now expected that every regular mobile app shall also start deploying Artificial Intelligence and voice recognition technology to enhance the user experience. Developers and marketers shall be better able to understand the users and their preferences using Artificial Intelligence and therefore, come up with products that shall target users better and generate revenue better than before. 

Geofencing Shall Be On the Rise: 

The next development in mobile technology that we need to watch out for this year is geofencing and location-based services. It is no secret that most of the apps we use, require our permission to access our location. Apps like Uber and Lyft require our location to function.  


However, in 2021, location-based services and geofencing are moving towards a new direction. Companies that do not require our location shall still request our permission to access the location. This shall be done to improve their marketing efforts. Geofencing and targeting users’ location shall enable companies to target users better and market their products well. 

Summing Up: 

These were the top three innovations in mobile technology that we need to keep an eye out for in 2021. As the days bleed into months and years, businesses and mobile developers shall only come up with better techniques and methods to enhance user experience. As responsible consumers of mobile technology, it is our responsibility to be aware of all that is transpiring in this domain and make our mobile using experience a unique one. 


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