7 Ways To Make Money Remotely. 


Becoming financially stable is something that most people strive to be. A lot of the time people focus on handling their expenses, which often results in people living on a budget– which of course can be a great starting point. But wouldn’t it be better having an extra source of income that can contribute to that stability that we all crave and Make Money Remotely? 

Unfortunately just sitting on the sofa watching the television with a coffee in hand is not a way in which we can make Money Remotely. You are however able to earn money if you are prepared to put in time and energy, but please, do not expect a gush of funds just by clicking your mouse a few times.  

It does not matter if you are a working parent, a college student, or someone who simply wants to earn an extra income. Having something on the side can help you earn that extra money at home. So please read the 7 ways to make money remotely below.  

Earning Money By Answering Paid Surveys.  

Staying at home is not a problem when wanting to earn an extra income, you can do so by answering surveys online. If you are looking to put in minimal investment whether it being in cost and/or effort, then I would suggest survey sites. The benefits rely solely on the website, the reward being either vouchers or points which you would then convert into cash. Many survey sites pay you through PayPal or a transfer into your bank account.  

A lot of these tasks do require minimum effort, however it may take some time to grow and earn money. Even potentially earning a minimum amount it is still worth doing, as it all adds up! There are many websites that can help you get started, some being:  

LifePoints surveys 


Survey Junkie 


One Opinion 


Selling Handmade Crafts.  

Of course surveys can be a good way in earning an extra income online. However if you have a talent when it comes to being creative, then you would be able to earn an income from handicrafts and artwork. Turning your passion into a way to earn money? Could you think of anything better? Try designing some jewellery or maybe designing and printing t-shirts. There are platforms such as Etsy where you can sell the things you have made.  

Many products such as arts crafts can gain a lot of profit. To see which ones are in demand and could be more profitable try selling one that you have made. Please remember to mark your prices based on what you have invested. Make sure you consider the time, and expenses you have incurred by making the crafts. Competition is normal to find in a competitive market, so please do not let this hinder you. Instead try think about how your designs can stand out.  

Sell Your Pictures Online.  

I you find taking surveys boring, and you are not particularly crafty– then maybe selling pictures online will suit you better. Are your photographs good enough to be displayed in an exhibition? Well, if your pictures are good enough or if they are not, you can still advertise them to image platforms like iStock and Shutterstock or Adobe and many other businesses. Irrespective of your experience in photography, you have the potential to earn money. You can earn money by posting your photos, what you earn is based on how many users download the images you upload.  

Becoming An Online Tutor.  

Virtual mentoring is an excellent way of making money online, with the reward of helping other people. As a tutor you would share your knowledge in a particular subject. Normally tutoring would be  face to face, however, there are many registered online customers that need a virtual tutor. You can take on as many students as you find possible.   

The tips below will allow you to succeed as an online tutor.  

Sticking to the requested topics.  

Using a high quality visible location to provide quality teaching online.  

Organising your topics and rating your activities in line with the industry.  

Always maintain a high standard when advertising yourself online.  

Applying To Freelance Jobs.  

Aside from your monthly salary if you have one, freelancing is an amazing way to making extra income remotely. You could register for freelancing jobs online either creating postcards or creating logos that can be used on different websites.  

The thing is, without a portfolio, you may find it hard when finding jobs that pay well. You should think about joining a freelance’s website or their blogs. Another great way to start would be collecting customer reviews which in turn would make you more credible.  

Creating A Website For Blogging.  

With advertising, brand partnerships and even promotional marketing being key these days, may bloggers have been offered high earning possibilities.  

If you were to create a blog site you could be able to earn extra cash, but bare in mind this is not a short-term plan as it does require a lot of work. This could turn out to be as stable as working in an office. If you have an eager character and are committed in learning about the internet and advertising functions this could be for you. Blogging has the ability to provide a considerable profit long-term. Bloggers have received their traffic either by searching the website or even social media account by having an established content.  

Selling Your Unused Belongings.  

Selling your unused items such as clothes is an amazing way to not only clear space in your property, but you would be making money at the same time.  

When selling things that are second hand, do not feel worried about the low-hanging marketing. Being vigilant with your buying habits does not stop you from having items that you could live without. Whether it is outgrown children’s clothes, or gadgets that are not longer in use, these items could generate you money. If you also have items such as watches, furniture or even a vehicle that you do not find sentimental this could also be traded and in turn earn you that extra cash.  

What I would say is, whether you would like to become your own boss by initiating a business as a freelancer – or just wanting to earn extra cash. The strategies I listed above can motivate you. You could easily generate enough money to pay back loans if necessary, or pay towards a holiday maybe? Whether you are looking at spending a lot of time, or contributing minimal effort, there is something for everyone. So why not take that leap and start earning money now? 

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