MSFT Stock Figures According To The Estimations Of Analysts


The stock of the company, Microsoft Co. or MSFT, is getting covered by a total of thirty firms who carry out research. The consensus recommendation that is earned is of “Buy.” It is to be noted that this information is derived from the reports of Marketbeat Ratings.

A total of two analysts of equities have given their ratings for the stock of the company. The rating received is of “hold.” Similarly, about twenty-nine researchers have given the rating of “buy” and three others have given the rating of a “strong-buy” for the stock of MSFT. The price objective on average for 12 months given by the brokers is for the stock for the year 2020 is 269.89 USD.

MSFT Ratings According To Numerous Researches

Numerous firms of research have passed comments on the company. They include Smith Barney Citigroup, BMO Capital Markets, Bank of America, and UBS Group. The rating of the MSFT was raised by Smith Barney. It went from neutral to buy. The rating was given out on the 21st of December. The price objective of the company got upped by BMO Capital. The amount went from 245.00 USD to the amount of 270.00 USD.

The rating given by them was “outperform.” The rating was given on the 27th of January, which fell on a Wednesday. The price objective of MSFT got upped by Bank of America. The amount increased from 256.00 USD to the amount of 280.00 USD. The rating received was of a “buy.” The ratings came out on the same day BMO Capital issued their ratings that is on the 27th of January.

The rating of the company’s stock got raised by Zacks Investment. It went from hold to a “strong-buy.” The price target set by them was 252.00 USD.