Nancy Pelosi Announces Re-Election Bid Ahead Of 2022 Midterms

nancy pelosi
nancy pelosi

With the Democrats’ tenuous majority in the House of Representatives under peril, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 81, confirmed her intention to run for re-election this fall for another two-year term. Nancy Pelosi, who was elected from San Francisco, is serving her 18th term.

Nancy Pelosi Previously Vowed To Step Down 

Nancy Pelosi’s statement comes at a time when Democrats are battling to get their infrastructure bill enacted in the Senate owing to disagreements with conservative members of their own party.

Pelosi, who will turn 82 in March, has repeatedly stated that she will stand down as House Democratic leader after the 2022 election.

However, as the midterm elections approached, it was believed that Nancy Pelosi may not rule out another run for the Speaker’s gavel if Democrats maintained their majority after this year’s midterms.

Republicans are presently projected to retake the House following President Biden’s turbulent year, which saw his support rating plunge in 2021 amid a messy finish to the war in Afghanistan, a surge in COVID-19 cases, and a sharp spike in inflation.

Pelosi has stated that she will not relinquish her battle for her party’s agenda.

As it tackles an Omicron wave, the country simultaneously faces growing inflation. President Joe Biden’s popularity ratings have fallen from the high fifties in the middle of last year to the low forties in most surveys last week. Democrats presently have a razor-thin House majority of 222-212. According to the Associated Press, 29 Democrats are not running for re-election, compared to 13 Republicans.

Nancy Pelosi made no mention of running for party leadership in the House again, which was a point of controversy when she recovered the job for the fourth time in 2021. Progressive Democrats like New York’s Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez declared in 2020 that the Democrats needed new leadership in Congress.