The Green Knight Steps Up Expectations In Recent Trailer

The Green Knight
The Green Knight

The first trailer of, The Green Knight, got released in the month of February 2020. It got released so much earlier than the actual release that was scheduled to take place in the month of May the same year. It was said to make its premiere at the film festival of SXSW. There is no doubt that all these plans got ruined by the coronavirus pandemic. Following that, The Green Knight movie is now scheduled to release in the month of July this year making it one of the most awaited indies of the movie season of summer.

The Green Knight: By Lowery And A24 

The movie comes under the genre of a fantasy epic from medieval times. The protagonist is the British actor, Dev Patel. He is portrayed as the reckless nephew of King Arthur, Sir Gawain. He will be taking the journey to duel one of the strangers who is green in color. It can be said that The Green Knight is a reunion between the two sides, the A24, and Lowery.

The indie studio was also behind the movie, A Ghost Story. The movie was released in the year 2017. The total amount of the budget of production was 100,000 USD. And it grossed almost a total of 2 million USD. The movie was among the best films of the past decade which earned a lot of praise for Lowery. Following that, he is widely known for the playful and surprising touch that he adds to his narrative.

As per the official synopsis for the Dev Patel starred movie, The Green Knight, it is made on the basis of the timeless legend of Arthur. The movie revolves around the story of the character, Sir Gawain. The trailer shows the nephew of King Arthur go on a journey that is full of danger.

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