Nelly Korda Winning PGA Championship Adds Another Feather To Dynasty

nelly korda
nelly korda

The Korda family is one of the more remarkable families in sports. However, children rarely live up to the greatness of their parents. Nevertheless, Nelly Korda along with her elder sister Jessica, and brother Seb are doing a remarkable job of dealing with the pressure.

Nelly Korda Gets First Taste Of Victory

Jessica and Nelly Korda perhaps had less pressure from their parents since they are professional golfers when compared to Seb, their brother. Regina and Petr Korda, their parents, were once on the headlines of tennis. Petr had been the champion of the Australian Open in 1998. Nelly Korda elevated the level by winning her first PGA Championship for Women.

It was Nelly’s first win in a major. She is now 22 years old and has been ranked as the No.1 golfer in the world after the win. In Atlanta, she won by three shots. Meanwhile, his little brother, Seb, was preparing for his debut in the Wimbledon.

When asked about their families’ sporting success, Nelly Korda said that they rarely realize it until they hear someone talk about it. They are always striving for more while having the back of each other. She then talked about their parents being the greatest. They gave them everything, no matter the sacrifice.

She also talked about her older sister Jessica Korda. She is thankful to her for teaching her the basics of golfing, which she considers to be very fortunate.

She added that her tough mentality was primarily due to their father. It was on full display as she held her own in the face of Lisette Salas’ much-experienced challenge. Korda scored 70 in the first round. Then she scored 63, 68, and 68 in the remaining rounds to take the crown. She played her first major when she was 14 years old.  

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