Paris Hilton Shared A Secret

Paris Hilton

Women often find older guys attractive. Paris Hilton had the same thing. She was attracted to her eight grade teacher. She shared her story in her memoir. She elaborated on how did he make her feel. She was a teenager and like anyone she was craving attention, she got it from him. She wrote how he made her feel seen. She knew how wrong it was, and if anyone got caught there would be deadly consequences.

Paris Hilton Sinned, That Does Not Make Her Feel Good

Paris Hilton went to a catholic school filled with nuns. She turned her head when a new young teacher joined. She was flattered. She and all the girls had a huge crush on him. The teacher reciprocated Paris Hilton’s feelings. Even later told her he also had a crush on her.

The teacher reciprocated her feelings Paris Hilton’s feelings in a grown-up way. She was successful in a way, all the girls in her class were jealous of her. Like every teenager, she fantasized about a romantic kiss with her teacher. It eventually worked out. Paris Hilton’s parents caught them in the driveway and blamed everything on her.

Just after that incident, she was sent to her grandma in palm springs. Paris Hilton doesn’t if anything happened to her teacher after that. Her parents never gave any information to anyone in school.

She let herself be the victim of a pedophile. She feels responsible for casting him and giving him the opportunity to be a child molester. For Hilton, it took her years to realize what she was doing in her teenage days with the teacher, was disgraceful. She is ashamed of herself.

Some secret leaves a deep scar in people’s mind and they are not secret anymore. However, they drive you crazy your whole life. Paris will never be able to shake it off completely perhaps ever.