Netflix Has Started Streaming Divisive DC Comics

Lim Kay Siu
Lim Kay Siu

Since September is here, we will rightfully assume that Netflix would be launching something new for its streamers. One of the latest additions has been Green Lantern, the much-criticized origin story of Hal Jordan- played by Ryan Reynolds. The movie, released in the 2000s, also stars Peter Sarsgaard, Blake Lively, Taika Waititi, and Angela Bassett.

The critically panned movie provided Reynolds with the opportunity to play another superhero- Deadpool- where he spoke about his regrets on how Green Lantern came out. Recently, he also opened up about why he still made fun of this movie- almost a decade after it was released. In his words, he was simply making self-deprecating jokes about himself and not other people.

Netflix’s Green Lantern: A meme-worthy Movie

Netflix’s latest movie to be streamed was something Reynolds thought was worth exploring. In fact, the thought of its box office bomb led to the star taking the energy out of it- be it something hurtful, or something that was dragging Reynolds down. It would then allow him to create a sort of mental Judo with it, where he would be using the energy against it, while creating something more out of it- without a shred of doubt, something positive. 

Netflix’s Green Lantern also stars Taika Waititi- who has now turned into an Oscar-nominated director. He recently co-starred with Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy- where the jokes have simply written themselves. About Green Lantern, the director of Thor: Ragnarok jokes heavily- quipping that he never even heard of this project. Nevertheless, the director did take the criticism for the movie with sublime grace.

He stated that it was easy to take the criticism because both Reynolds and he were people who had a sense of humor regarding things like these. He further mentioned that he didn’t want to shy away from something that he had done, and if the movie had bombed, he might as well take full responsibility for his part in it. 

With regards to Netflix’s Green Lantern, Waititi stated that all it needed was someone to see the humor in the situation.

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